#PPSecondStory Instagram Challenge – 07/17/18 to 07/22/18

Two Dogs on a Balcony in Lisbon, Portugal

This week’s #PPSecondStory Instagram challenge is all about being up high! Whether you’re observing from a balcony, perched in the mountains, or flying in a hot air balloon; anything goes. Guest judge @_yafiqyusman_ is joining in, so check his feed for inspiration and follow the guidelines below to enter! Guidelines Post or re-post photos/videos according to your interpretation […]

Travel Video: Iran

Iran, a country shrouded in stereotypes, is not a typical tourist desination. Traveler and filmmaker Pete Rojwongsuriya recently spent two weeks exploring the country from Tehran to Shiraz. We talked to him about Iran’s cultural history, friendly people and stunning architecture.  Where are you from? I’m from Bangkok, Thailand. Born and raised. What do you shoot […]

#PPArchitecture2 Instagram Challenge – 06/13/16

Urban Sprawl in Amman Jordan

We’re bringing back an old favorite with a #PPArchitecture2 Instagram challenge with guest judges @oliviermorisse and @urbanentdecker_ joining us this week! Few things combine the beauty of art and the utilitarian needs as much as architecture. Directly influenced and inspired by the context of time, the stark contrasts and differences in architectural styles are visible across the globe. Whether it’s the remnants of […]

#PPThroughThePortal Instagram Challenge – 03/01/16

Light through Window at Pink Mosque, Shiraz, Iran

Featured image by: @jimmydauphotography As we jump from February to March, we’re bringing you our #PPThroughThePortal Instagram challenge this week. This can be any sort of passageway or ‘in-between’ space like an archway, door frame, phone lens…get creative! We’ll be joined by guest judges @barrut and @urbanentdecker_, so check out their feeds to be inspired by their strange and wonderful doors, […]

PP Instagram Challenge Potential Winner and Honorable Mentions: #PPFramedByArchitecture

Humayun's Tomb in Delhi, India

This past week we played on #framedbynature with our own Instagram challenge #PPFramedByArchitecture. From archways in India to museums in Denmark, architecture challenges us to look at things differently everyday. Congratulations to our honorable mentions (moving left to right, starting top-left): @muhaiminpathi, @sh3ngy, @payneriel, @marcelamalafama, @rachelrixen, @mona832, @feb5007, @kyobad, and @ekimyucel. Congratulations to our potential winner @yayjorge who will receive a […]

PP Instagram Challenge Potential Winner and Honorable Mentions: #PPSymmetry

Symmetry in Ostebro, Copenhagen, Denmark

For this week’s #PPSymmetry Instagram challenge, it appears that Iceland is our big winner with both its architectural and natural symmetry! We loved seeing you find the balance and equilibrium from your travels and from your surrounding environments, moving from Brussels to Hong Kong!   Congratulations to our honorable mentions (moving left to right, starting […]

PP Instagram Challenge Winner and Honorable Mentions: #PParchitecture

Our team was overwhelmed with grand and imposing architecture for this week’s Instagram challenge #PParchitecture! Thank you to our Passion Passport community for participating and submitting over 300 beautiful and creative entries! Congratulations to this week’s honorable mentions! They are (left to right, starting top-left): @renzbarrion, @aperture2012, @ahmed_saeed, @dboates, @rijalkamaluddin, @christaughn, @gillrh, @jessicaarzate, and @nting15. Take a minute and head over to their […]

PP Instagram Challenge (7/14/14): #PParchitecture

What’s your favorite manmade building or structure — based on design, utility, or innovation — across the globe? Because we’re taking a step away from nature this week, and the theme of our Instagram challenge for the week of July 14th is #PParchitecture! Think of inspiring and creative ways to showcase this week’s theme in a photo or video: capture a particularly intimidating, steely part of a […]

#PassionPassport ‘NYC Insiders’ Twitter Chat 4/25

Friday, April 25th 1:00 pm EST – Passion Passport NEW YORK CITY INSIDERS Twitter Chat We’re hosting a ‘NYC Insiders’ themed Twitter chat sponsored by Walks of New York with New York City based photographers Vivienna Gucwa (@travelinglens) and Patrick Janelle (@patrickjanelle). Join us as we explore the best that NYC has to offer: places to explore […]