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Chicago Travel Guide

Though the most popular theory is that a cow belonging to Mrs. O’Leary knocked over a lantern in her barn at 137 DeKoven Street, nobody knows exactly what started the blaze that quiet Sunday night. All we know for certain is that the resulting Great Chicago Fire, which started on October 8, 1871, spread rapidly through the predominantly wooden city. By October 10, 300 were dead, 100,00 were homeless, and Chicago as the world knew it was gone.

However, as it would prove over and over again throughout the next century and a half, the Windy City would not sway in the face of adversity. It quickly began to rebuild and, by 1893, was ready to host the World’s Fair. Today, Chicago is the third-largest hub in the U.S. and was even named the best city in the world for 2018. With mouthwatering food, zealous sports fans, and thriving music and comedy scenes, the Midwestern metropolis on the banks of Lake Michigan simply cannot be beaten.

Welcome to Chicago.

Chicago Essentials



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GMT -5


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Know Before You Go

All you need before you book your tickets and zip your bag!

For Creative Travelers

As Chuck Thurrow, the former chairman of the board of the Chicago’s Hyde Park Art Center, says: “When you’re in this city, you can be experimental. No one is looking over anyone’s shoulders.”

A Literary Guide to Chicago

People have long associated certain cities with writers and literary history (ahem, Paris). While Chicago, in contrast, usually evokes images of deep-dish pizza, sports, comedy

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