Nestled between the towering Andes, the Amazon, the arid deserts of South America, and the expansive coastline along the Southern Pacific, Peru is a country for every type of traveler. Any who visit its Spanish-colonial cities and ancient Inca villages find a rich historical tapestry of interwoven cultures.

Llamas traverse its terraced ruins, monkeys swing through its dense rainforest, hikers climb its multi-hued peaks, and adventurers discover magic among its oldest corners.

This is Peru.

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Visit Cusco

Located in the rolling terrain of the Peruvian Andes, Cusco is a city overflowing with ancient Inca culture. Because of its intriguing past, visitors come from all over the world to explore the ruins of the once-powerful empire.

Explore Lima

From its Andean influence and colonial architecture, to its rolling rivers and warm, Pacific climate, Lima effortlessly offers an enriching experience.

Learn about Peru’s Ancient Cities

There is no other country with more interesting archaeological offerings than Peru. Here are just a few of Peru’s most noteworthy archaeological sites.

Take an Architectural Tour of Peru

Here are just a few of the architectural highlights in Peru’s diverse cityscapes.

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7 Outdoor Adventures to Have in Peru

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How to Plan Your Trip

Whether you intend to visit the coastal capital of Lima, the deserts of Pisco, Ica, or Nasca, the dramatic ruins of Machu Picchu in the Andes, Lake Titicaca in the south, the lush Amazon rainforests, or the country’s northernmost archaeological sites, Peru truly has it all.

Explore Peru’s Rainforest

When considering a quick jaunt to the Amazon Rainforest on your next trip to Peru, first take a moment to decide which area of the vast region you’d like to visit.

Venture to Arequipa

Many travelers consider Arequipa the most beautiful city in Peru. Though you’ll have to be the judge of that yourself.

Visit Peru’s Rainbow Mountain

Although the route can be a challenge for even experienced hikers, anyone can make the trek if they ready themselves. Here’s what you need to know before conquering the “painted” mountain.

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8 Lesser-Known Places to Visit in Peru

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History Lesson

An Archaeological Guide to Peru

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