Sprouting up from the shores of Lake Ontario, Toronto’s skyline is an awe-inspiring sight that seems to stretch on forever. Even from a distance, you can always seem to spot the iconic CN Tower and sense the big-city bustle that attracts travelers from all over the world. Canada’s largest metropolis is home to international festivals, world-renowned food, and an unrivaled sports scene — but that’s just the tip of Toronto’s iceberg.

As you move through the city’s sparkling streets, you’ll discover museums, markets, and multicultural neighborhoods — eclectic pockets where everyone is welcome. With all this action packed into one place, the Six is sure to surprise you. And we can’t wait to see the look on your face when it does.

Welcome to Toronto.

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Fast Facts


No stranger to green spaces, Toronto boasts 28-percent tree canopy cover, made up of over 10 million individual trees.


Toronto is the largest city in Canada and has the second-largest percentage of foreign-born residents of any city in the world (behind Miami, Florida).


Extending 53 miles (86 kilometers) from the northern shore of Toronto Bay at Queens Quay, Yonge Street is the longest street in the world.


Ice hockey, baseball, rugby — oh my! Toronto is home to eight different professional sports teams, the most of any city in Canada.




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