Want to Contribute?

First of all: thank you for your interest in our publication! We write for an international audience of travelers, digital nomads, and people who are interested in the beauty of our planet—100k+ of whom have signed up for our newsletter and receive our updates every week. 

What We’re Looking For

When evaluating a guest submission or freelance writer for our website, we look for pieces about amazing destinations, as well as the great outdoors, food, and anything else related to travel. If you’d like to work with us, you can sign up to contribute:

  • Original travel stories that tell the tales of the places you’ve visited, as well as the people you met, things you learnt, experiences you had, and food you tasted while there
  • Informative travel articles that give our readers advice and guidance about planning trips, traveling more consciously, and making the most of their time away from home
  • Destination guides that are written by locals to help to inspire travelers and give them more information about the country or city you call home
  • Partner content that promotes awe-inspiring travel destinations and brands to our audience


Regardless of which type of content you’d prefer to provide, we ask that you ensure your submissions are:

  • Backed by experience: all contributions must be backed by experience, telling your own real-life stories or those of someone you’ve interacted with, or with plenty of familiarity with travel writing
  • Authentic: we want our contributors to bring their personality into a piece (while still using our in-house style) and not be afraid of sharing their experiences
  • Relevant to Passion Passport: each piece must highlight the value of exploring—whether that’s in a far-flung destination or just down the road—and inspire our readers to do something as soon as they’re done reading (for example, learn more about a certain place, accessing resources to plan a trip, or simply heading outside)

How The Process Works

Original Travel Stories

  1. Take a look at our themes for the upcoming months to guide your article ideation. 
  2. Send your article via our submissions form below. Remember to include all of the information about what the overall story you want to tell is, what unique perspective you will be bringing to your piece, and show us how you are going to cover the three points we discussed above. 
  3. If your proposal meets our standards and aligns with our content strategy, we’ll email you back and give you instructions on how to submit a draft of the complete article within two weeks. If the proposal doesn’t fit with our plans, we will also let you know within two weeks. 
  4. We will review your draft and write back within two weeks to let you know whether we’ll be publishing your piece, as well as whether we need you to do any further work on it.

Travel Articles, Destination Guides and Partner Content

  1. Fill all of your details in on our contributors form.
  2. Check the boxes that apply to the types of content you’d like to produce for us. Note: all of these pieces are briefed by our content team and require SEO copywriting. 
  3. Complete our 250-word writing test and apply our in-house style before submitting.
  4. We will review your submission and let you know whether your application has been successful within two weeks.

Thank you, and happy writing ✍