#PPSymmetry-Instagram-Challenge Honorable Mentions

For this week’s #PPSymmetry Instagram challenge, it appears that Iceland is our big winner with both its architectural and natural symmetry! We loved seeing you find the balance and equilibrium from your travels and from your surrounding environments, moving from Brussels to Hong Kong!


Congratulations to our honorable mentions (moving left to right, starting top-left): @yqr.wethereyet, @instabruijn, @thecookingbackpacker, @the.indian.traveller, @iauwhwee, @imightbe_wrong, @charlottevandenberg, @afishcalledmanda, and @jel1000.


Congratulations to our the potential winner @wanderlust_express who will receive a 16×16 inch canvas print and whose submission is below:

Reflection of Clouds and Mountain in Iceland
Photo by: @wanderlust_express

This is one of my the last shots on one of the last days in Iceland. Sure it’s cliché, but it was almost wholly forgotten by the tens of people trying to photograph the waterfall just up the road. So it serves as a good reminder to always step away from the crowds and see what you find.


We give special thanks to our guest judges @brian_sweet and @_yafiqyusman_ as well as everyone who participated. Stay tuned for our next challenge!