Eat and Drink Your Way Through Northeastern Ontario Food, Beer, and More

Ontario food reflects the province’s many blended cultures and innovations in cuisine over the decades. With a varied selection of offerings that cater to vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free palates, there’s a hidden gem for every foodie just waiting to be discovered in Ontario. Discover the booming and bustling Northeastern Ontario food scene bite by bite.  […]

Golden Hours at Timmins Museum: National Exhibition Centre

The rich heritage of Northeastern Ontario consists of its indigenous population and its gold mining history. Known as the City with a Heart of Gold, Timmins is located in one of the most affluent mineral-producing areas in the western hemisphere—and has received worldwide recognition as a major player in global mining. For those interested to […]

Travel Video: Bali

Filmmaker Yury Sharov traveled to Bali expecting to enjoy sun, sea and surf. Instead, the island’s rich cultural heritage drew him in. We talked to him about his experience in this popular location and the video he made there. 1. Why did you go to Bali? How long did you spend there? I went to […]

Twitter Chat Recap: Celebrations!

This week, our Twitter Chat theme was Celebrations! We were so excited to chat with community members about the amazing festivals, fairs, and parades they had seen, the holidays they had experienced around the world, and the friends they had made through the joy of celebrations. Joined by seasoned co-hosts Mickela Mallozzi of PBS’s travel […]

PP Instagram Challenge (3/3/14): #ppglobalcitizen

Our Instagram challenge for the week of March 3rd is in collaboration with Apolis, a company with strong ties to the communities they work in and fantastic travel apparel. Follow instructions 1-5 below to enter. This week, post or repost a photo or video that shows your definition of what it means to be a […]