This week, our Twitter Chat theme was Celebrations! We were so excited to chat with community members about the amazing festivals, fairs, and parades they had seen, the holidays they had experienced around the world, and the friends they had made through the joy of celebrations. Joined by seasoned co-hosts Mickela Mallozzi of PBS’s travel show Bare Feet and Colby Holiday of World of A Wanderer, we chatted for an hour about new holidays around the world and smiled at your pictures of parties and wacky celebrations you’ve experienced.

Below is a collection of the images and stories you shared with us. Enjoy, and get ready to update that bucket list!

@VoyagerVicki went to Diwali…
…and the Pushkar Camel Fair in India!


@TravelBareFeet participated in the The Asrlar Sedosi Festival in Navoi, Uzbekistan. The festival celebrates traditional Uzbek cultural traditions.
The @alttravelers saw this sight in Burgos, Spain.
The @alttravelers also taught us about the baby-jumping festival in Castillo de Murcia, Spain. It is believed that when men dressed as devils leap over the babies, the babies are cleansed of all evil doings.
@projectonethou shared this meal from an Indian wedding celebration!
@projectonethou went to Fes, Morocco specifically to attend the Festival of World Sacred Music.
@mollyknoxx witnessed this acrobatic feat in Barcelona, Spain at the La Mercé festival.
@JackGunns was in Nepal for Teej, the women’s festival.
@esc_expectation was invited to a braai (South African barbecue). He had to bring a gift for a game of secret santa.
Locals celebrating Easter with a one am parade woke up @globetrotartist, who forgot that it was Easter!
@wkrtsinwndrlst celebrated Carnivale in Venice!

Header Image: @ainarafuertes / Pamplona, Spain

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