A Year-round Guide To Adventure Across Northeastern Ontario

Whether you visit in winter, spring, summer, or fall, Northeastern Ontario has something to offer everyone, in every season. Exploring this phenomenal area is a must, as some of the best restaurants, outdoor activities, and nightlife are nestled right in this region. Before you pack your bags, pick a season and discover everything Northeastern Ontario […]

Trailing Away: A Guide to the Best Hikes in Timmins

Tucked away on the banks of the Mattagami River, surrounded by lush woodlands on all sides, it’s no surprise that Timmins is a dream for outdoor adventurers. Hikers, bikers, campers, kayakers, you name it, will feel right at home. With hundreds of miles of trails that wind deep into Northeastern Ontario’s wilderness, it remains a […]

Our Top 6 North Bay Winter Trails

Winter in North Bay is an exciting, busy time—as the snow falls, the fun begins! Whether you enjoy feeling the wind on your face skiing downhill or the quiet of the forest as you glide along cross-country, this Northeastern Ontario town has a winter trail for you. (North Bay trails aren’t too bad in other […]

North Bay by Water: On Lake Nipissing in Ontario

The city of North Bay sits quietly on the shores of Lake Nipissing Ontario. Located between the Ottawa River and Georgian Bay this naturally fed lake is the third largest lake in Ontario. With a surface area of 337.3 square miles (873.6 square kilometers), there’s more than enough to keep water enthusiasts happy. On the […]

Snow: Our Favourite Four-Letter Word

For me, snow is magical. It changes the world around you. It creates a different picture every time it falls, greeting you with a sparkle and a promise of fun. I go way up north in Ontario for a lot of snow—to the very last city before you can’t drive anymore.  Timmins has an average […]

The Ultimate Visitor’s Guide to Timmins

There’s a reason why Timmins has earned the nickname “The City with a Heart of Gold”—it only takes one visit to fall in love with this northeastern Ontario spot! Timmins is situated on the Mattagami River in Treaty 9 traditional territory, with more than 43,000 people. Originally settled as a mining town, the city’s history […]

Je T’aime Timmins: A Romantic Itinerary for Two

Tucked away on a peaceful expanse of the Mattagami River surrounded by Ontarian wilderness, Timmins is the ideal escape for couples who are after a vacation that’s equal parts adventurous, romantic, and memorable.  Whether you’re an active pair, the artsy type or are bonafide foodies, Timmins is loaded with romantic things to do. Sprawled across […]

Half Dome at Midnight: Hiking in Yosemite

hiker facing el capitan in yosemite

After spending my summer in Chicago, I came back home to California feeling a void from not having spent any time in the mountains. Luckily, a friend of mine happened to win the Yosemite Half Dome lottery that grants permits to hikers. Just like that, we were set to go at the end of September. […]

Hiking to the Top of Sacred Mount Zwegabin

It was 3:30 in the afternoon. The sun was beginning to arch toward the west side, but the day’s heat still lingered in the air. My shirt was drenched. Sweat oozed out of every pore. I never knew my shins could sweat like this. Unfortunately, these were the absolute last things on my mind. My […]