Birds-eye view of Old Town Prague
Photo by: @purple.violets
Prague, Czech Republic

There is nothing quite like that feeling of falling in love with a new city or country for the first time. We all have those moments where we think back to a place we’ve visited and dream of being transported back, planting our feet firmly on the ground in the city we long for. For this week’s Instagram challenge, we want you to share those #PPLovedPlaces you look forward to revisiting and experiencing all over again.

Often times it’s in the details, the little glimpses of daily life we suddenly remember as we carry on with our day-to-day: the older gentleman waving hello from the edge of his balcony; the overwhelming number of cyclists passing by as you wander through the streets; or being in a space completely unlike your own, a place with a different culture, with a different view, a different pace of life.

Let your memories take you over as you transport back to those special moments encountered throughout your travels and tell us about those destinations you love.

Joining us as guest judges for this challenge are @liolaliola and @eskimo who are excited to see your favorite destinations across the globe. Check out their feeds to see what cities they love and follow the directions below to enter.


  1. Post a photo/video that fits this week’s challenge theme and tag #PPLovedPlaces and @passionpassport in your caption (if in the comments, we may miss it!)*;
  2. Submit as many entries as you like between Tuesday, April 12th and 11:59am ET on Sunday, April 17th*;
  3. Include a brief write-up (3-5 sentences) in your caption telling us how your entry relates to the theme and why it’s personally significant to you;
  4. Stay tuned for the potential winner to be announced on Monday, April 18th on our Instagram feed.
    *NOTE: Entries must be posted or reposted from a public account during the challenge period. You cannot simply ‘tag’ an older photo/video. Those posted from private accounts and/or posted outside of the challenge period will not be considered eligible.

Sample Entry:

Pink classic car in front of a pastel colored home in Havana
Photo by: @sezgiolgac
Havana, Cuba

Among the impossible beauty of pink hues and pastel blues in this street scene, there are many details that I won’t forget soon — like the kid in the backseat who didn’t hesitate to share smiles and funny faces with me. // #PPLovedPlaces @passionpassport

Featured image by: @annapurnauna