Sailboat tropical water. Passion Passport chat image.Every adventure is a trip, but not every trip is an adventure. All travel is not created equal, and while the team here at Passion Passport loves a trip to the museum and a morning cafe run as much as the next traveler, we also like to get out in wild a bit. We may not be base jumping or traversing deserts, yet, but we are always up for a good adventure story. We’ve published some great ones lately, here and here.

In the spirit of adventure, we are embarking on a bit of social media adventure this time: we’ll be doing a two part chat. This week, on Wednesday, September 3rd, we’ll be talking about Warm Weather Adventure Travel. We want to hear your stories of scuba diving and Trans-Atlantic crossings, jungle hikes and desert camp-outs.

Next week, we’ll be talking about Cold Weather Adventure Travel, so save your skiing, ice climbing, and Trans-Siberian rail-road trips for next week.


If you can’t join us at 1PM EST, feel free to schedule your tweets according to the times below:


1:00PM   Q1: What is one adventure (sea/jungle/desert/etc.) that is on your bucketlist? #passionpassport

1:07PM   Q2: What is the most adventuresome locations you’ve been to? What did you do there? #passionpassport

1:14PM    Q3: Who or what inspires you to take trips like this to push your limits, physically or mentally? #passionpassport

1:21PM    Q4: What is one trip or location that you’d be scared to go to? Why? #passionpassport

1:28PM   Q5: Adventure Travel is exciting but can also take a physical toll. How do you relax and unwind on trips like this? #passionpassport

1:36PM   Q6: Scuba Diving, Rock Climbing, Paragliding. Which would you most like to learn and why? #passionpassport

1:44PM   Q7: Who are some adventurers, past or present, that you’d like to travel with? Why? #passionpassport

1:52PM   Q8: What was one of your most harrowing travel adventures? (Share the link if you’ve published it!) #passionpassport