Travel Video: Streets of Hanoi

Daniel Sheppard discovered his talent for videography while traveling through Southeast Asia with his fiancée. Over the past two years, the medium has turned into a full-blown passion for him, and in his latest video, Daniel captures the electric atmosphere of Hanoi, Vietnam — a place he and his family hold close to their hearts. […]

Travel Video: Trans-Siberian Dream

Videographer Dennis Schmelz embarked on the journey of a lifetime — a trip along the Trans-Siberian Railway, spanning across Europe and Asia. Hoping to learn more about his adventure along the historic route, we caught up with Dennis to talk about his experience filming and riding the longest railway line in the world. What made […]

Travel Video: Rhythms of Peru

We caught up with Los Angeles-based video editor, filmmaker, and frequent traveler, Nate Connella, to talk about the video he made on a recent trip to Peru. What inspired you to visit Peru? Peru has always been a bucket-list country for my wife and me. We run a travel blog called The Tipsy Gypsies, and had […]

Travel Video: ALIVE

Last summer, Florian Nick — who goes by Flo, for short — spent his days immersed in the Canadian Rockies. For six weeks, the 23-year-old passed through the winding, rocky roads of Alberta and British Columbia, hiking through forests and up mountains, camera gear strapped to his back, sweating his way to get the shots […]

Getting to Know Uzbekistan through Pete R.’s Eyes

Uzbekistan is a place like no other — at least, that’s what Pete R. concluded from his time there. The geometric patterns on the walls, the rich blue hues, the contrast of the yellow bricks, and the impeccably preserved Persian architecture are just a few of the elements that make this land Pete’s favorite of […]

Travel Video: NYC Textures

Ynon Lan does something not many would have the patience for — he creates videos using thousands and thousands of still images. Though these passion projects of his take a lot of time and effort, Ynon keeps coming back to this type of work. We talked with him about his latest video, NYC Textures, his process, […]

Travel Video: In Japan

When Vincent Urban was a teenager, his life revolved around snowboarding. In fact, he couldn’t envision his focus ever changing. But when he started making films about the slopes he lived on, he found that he was actually much better at filmmaking than he was at the sport he loved. Since that realization, he hasn’t […]

Travel Video: the Beauty of Tokyo

When Florent and Amberly, the duo who make up Of Two Lands, traveled to Japan, they thought they knew what to expect. But when they arrived, they were blown away by the country’s landscapes, atmosphere, and culture of respect. We caught up with Flo to talk about their experience and what went into collecting footage […]

Travel Video: Moments from Myanmar

Brian Pineda‘s adventures in Myanmar brought him to the bustling streets of Yangon, the dusty roads of Bagan, and everywhere in between. We caught up with Brian to ask him about his travels around this fascinating Southeast Asian country. Why was it important to you to film life in Myanmar? Ever since I started traveling […]