Uzbekistan is a place like no other — at least, that’s what Pete R. concluded from his time there.

The geometric patterns on the walls, the rich blue hues, the contrast of the yellow bricks, and the impeccably preserved Persian architecture are just a few of the elements that make this land Pete’s favorite of the “Stan” countries.

The narrow alleyways of ancient cities like Khiva, the country’s trade and exchange of goods — a tradition preserved since the Silk Road era — and the communities that thrive behind the ancient city walls create a place that is distinctly unique, special.

The calm and quiet of the early morning erupts into a cacophony of sound, dance, and football games. The energy of the ancient cities is revitalized by visitors and locals. The beauty of the setting sun sliding over the mosques’ domed roofs is magical.

It’s another perfect day in Uzbekistan… and Pete’s ready to take it all in.