PP Instagram Challenge (12/7/15): #PPFillintheBlank

Paddling in a Canoe at Maligne Lake, Canada

Featured photo by: @daniel_ernst Maligne Lake, Alberta, Canada This week, we’ll reach a big milestone on Instagram: 500,000 — half a million — followers! To celebrate, this week’s Instagram challenge theme is #PPFillintheBlank. As our community has grown over the years, we’ve challenged and encouraged all of you to think deeper about why we travel, go where we go, […]

PP Instagram Challenge (7/27/2015): #PPTravelExpert

How many times have you gone on a trip with a carefully crafted itinerary only to find even more exciting adventures waiting for you when you arrive? Hopefully a lot. It’s the secret spots, the local guides, and the uncrowded views that make a trip unforgettable. For this week’s PP Instagram Challenge: #PPTravelExpert, we’re joined […]

Instagram Challenge (10/13/14): #PPtinypeoplebigplaces

Passion Passport Instagram Challenge Promo Photo

Taking inspiration from one of our favorite tags, we’re bringing you this week’s Instagram Challenge #PPtinypeoplebigplaces! Show us some of the grand environments you’ve been in by shooting with a human to scale your surroundings.   One winner will receive a 16×16 inch canvas print!   Instructions:  1) Post a photo or video that fits this week’s theme and […]

PP Instagram Challenge Potential Winner and Honorable Mentions: #PPAmericanTravels

Sunset over San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

Thank you to all who participated in this week’s Instagram Challenge with American Airlines #PPAmericanTravels, we loved seeing your takes on U.S. landmarks, monuments and cities, as well as wing shots across the country, from Hawaii to New York — literally from sea to shining sea! Congratulations to our potential second runner-up @analinda_m who will receive 1,000 AAdvantage miles, and whose […]

PP Instagram Challenge (9/22/14): #PPAmericanTravels

Approach to Honolulu American Airlines Wing Promo

We’re very excited to be teaming up with American Airlines to bring you the theme for this week’s Instagram challenge: #PPAmericanTravels! Think of creative and unique ways to show off iconic American monuments, landmarks, cities, as well as shots from the wing from any American Airlines plane! In other words, if you wanted to show off the beauty of […]

PP Instagram Challenge Winners & Honorable Mentions: #PPtraintravel

So many wanderlust-inspiring and nostalgic entries this week for our Instagram Challenge #PPtraintravel with Amtrak! Congratulations to this week’s honorable mentions who will each receive $50 vouchers! They are (left to right, starting top left): @gadanes, @sallies, @cheesekeiq, @seth_major, @ryanadiel, @benjaminade, @corinne.wyss, @mckopsky, and @a.phrodite._. Take a minute to head over to their individual feeds to read their write-ups. The […]

Masha Vapnitchnaia: Poisoned in the Pyrenees

Bent in half, knee-deep in what I swore was snake-infested grass, I couldn’t stop throwing up a mélange of baguette, pâté and cheese, the latter being the culprit behind what had just become the worst case of food poisoning I’d ever experienced. As another wave of nausea peaked and found its release, I imagined that […]

Hana Truscott: From Sunrise to Sunset in Santorini

Hana Truscott is a creative non-fiction writer building a repertoire of life experience. In 2010, after seven years of travels throughout Latin America and Africa, she set foot on European soil; there, in the romance of the Greek islands, the wanderlust of this story was born. Although Hana had no real intention to stay in – or […]

How a Simple Bet Led to Exploring the World

In 2011, my father bet me $100 to do one backflip a day for the entire year.  I accepted the challenge and recorded the flips every day, capping the experience with a four and a half minute video montage.  The video went viral on YouTube and immediately got me thinking about my next backflip challenge. […]