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How many times have you gone on a trip with a carefully crafted itinerary only to find even more exciting adventures waiting for you when you arrive? Hopefully a lot. It’s the secret spots, the local guides, and the uncrowded views that make a trip unforgettable.

For this week’s PP Instagram Challenge: #PPTravelExpert, we’re joined by the expert travelers at Audley Travel as well as guest judges @lovewalkeatsee and @lucylaucht. We want to hear about a time when you took your trip to another level, whether it was balloon rides in Myanmar, shark diving in Cape Town, or local tours of Machu Picchu. Share of photo of a time when you expanded your comfort zone, fulfilled a lifelong dream, or did whatever it took to get the perfect shot. In your caption tell us about the expert knowledge that got you there, whether it came from a local, a fellow traveler, or your own adventurous spirit.

The winner of this challenge will receive $500 towards his or her next adventure, and a planning session with one of Audley’s specialists to choose which adventures you’d like to experience while you’re there. Audley’s team works around the world, so wherever you’re going they can help you take your travel experience up a notch.

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