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Los Angeles Travel Guide

Home to the entertainment industry, the shine of Los Angeles beckons from the West Coast. This is a city that inspires creatives, prompts storytellers, and encourages everyone to dream big.

From the neighborhoods of the Valley to the planks of the Santa Monica Boardwalk, the buildings of Downtown up to the letters of the Hollywood sign, the bustling studio backlots to the palm-tree lined boulevards of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles has something for everyone. See what’s waiting to be discovered.

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All you need before you book your tickets and zip your bag!

For Creative Travelers

A country known for its beaches, food, and incomparably friendly people (it is, after all, nicknamed “the Land of Smiles”), Thailand is a destination where culture, history, and adventure collide.

A Photo Tour of DTLA on Foot

Given its size, Los Angeles isn’t typically considered “walkable.” That said, part of the city’s downtown area (known affectionately as DTLA) is easily traversable by

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Day Trips From L.A.