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Your answers to the following questions will make up the largest part of your application and will be the most heavily considered for TBLI selection. Think them through and compose them carefully — they show us the most about you!

Once you have submitted your application, share the answer to Question 2 on Instagram,
tagging @passionpassport and #TBLIVII in your post caption.


Your answers should reflect you, both as a person and as a traveler.

Have a specific location and purpose for your experience, and show cohesion between them.
You should be able to complete your trip idea in 10 to 14 days.

This is a solo trip. Show us the development that could result from TBLI: how can you gain from the experience?
How can you give back to the community you are visiting?

We highly suggest a “coffee shop test” of your answers with a trusted friend!
Request that they read your answers and give you constructive feedback.

Important Dates:

App. Deadline: Mon 4/18 at 11:59pm EST
Finalist Announcement: Monday, 4/25
Voting Period: Mon, 4/25 – Sun 5/1 at 11:59pm EST
Winner Announcement: Monday, 5/2
Travel Period: Travel must occur in the month of June, 2016

Applications Now Closed

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Past Bucket List Trips

Want to learn more about The Bucket List initiative? Look no further, a few lucky travelers have already had the opportunity to scratch one destination off their bucket list, will you be next?

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