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  • Adam Kingman

    Adam Kingman

    Two years have passed since the summer I spent documenting the ladies of Krochet Kids International in Gulu, Uganda. I took countless pictures of the women, their children, their families, their homes. Before returning to the States, I promised them I'd deliver the photographs once they were printed. I still have the photos and I'm not giving up on my promise.

    Meet Adam
  • Rachel Gulotta

    Rachel Gulotta

    My Bucket List Initiative is to travel to the Faroe Islands to capture the essence of the islands. To do this, I’d focus on the striking uniqueness of the homes there, from the grassy roofs to the monochromatic black and white houses to the colorful wharfs. My journey would eventually land in the village of Kvívík on the west coast of Streymoy.

    Meet Rachel
  • Matthew Johnson

    Matthew Johnson

    As someone that spent years living in Key West, the Cuban people and the lore of the island were something never far from my mind, yet I could never visit this place and talk with its people. The tales of these individuals, their homes, work and personal lives is the story I’d like to tell.

    Meet Matthew
  • Gina Nicole Fontes

    Gina Nicole Fontes

    I'd call my trip "The United Greats of America." For two weeks I would drive to diverse locations across the US, highlighting people and places that represent what I think this country stands for: strong work ethic, care for community, extreme diversity, stunning landscapes, and the belief that anything is possible with a bit of faith and determination.

    Meet Gina

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How it Works

Applicants answer a set of questions and tell us their wildest travel dreams.

Four projects are selected by travel and creative experts as finalists.

The online community votes on a winner during a ten day voting period.

The winner receives a travel grant towards their dream trip. They embark!

Mariah Meaalii Nogueira

from Huntington Beach, California
See Trip

Previous Winner!

TBLIV: Adventure to Samoa

Earlier this year Mariah traveled to Samoa to run soccer clinics at local schools.

what we're looking for


Have a great purpose or cause behind your trip. Whether it’s something you want to accomplish or help others accomplish, traveling for more than the sights and sounds of a new place helps make the experience richer and ultimately more inspiring.


Make your answers personal. When answering the questions for TBLI, provide us with strong examples that support your answers. For example: “My dream trip is to travel to Portugal. My father is Portuguese and I have had a photo of the Lisbon skyline pinned above my bed since I was a little boy.”


Be specific. Choose one Bucket List item and stick with it. Be as explicit as possible, ie: “My dream is to travel to Marrakech in Morocco.” This is a solo trip. You should be able to complete your solo trip in 10-14 days in July or August of 2015.


Be clear on how you would like to document the trip. Will you be writing journal entries or shooting videos to document your adventure? Will you be posting stunning photos from a DSLR each day of the trip? Let us know in your application.

our judges

Our judges for TBLI are professional travelers and creatives who have selected our four finalists based on the criteria above.

Now, it's in the hands of the Passion Passport community to vote on which project they would like to see come to life.

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