Our Yearly travel grant

The Bucket List Initiative

What is TBLI?

The Bucket List Initiative (or TBLI as we like to call it) is a travel grant given to one lucky member of our community every quarter. Pick a destination, tell us why and you might be packing your bags very soon.

How does tbli work?

Tell us about your wildest travel dreams!

Four finalists are selected by a team of travel experts and creatives.

The online community votes for their favorite trip.

The winner receives a travel grant towards their dream trip!

The Latest Trip

Journey to Tanzania

Follow Shaylyn’s Journey

An avid photographer & fan of anthropology, Shaylyn’s trip takes her to Tanzania to track humanity’s path there millions of years ago.


Bucket List Trips

Journey to the Faroes

TBLI Round vi

Rachel is a lifestyle and wedding photographer currently making the transition from Chicago to L.A. with the dream of discovering the wondrous landscapes of the Faroe Islands off the coast of Iceland.

Trip Posts

Samoa: Hitting the ground Jumping

TBLI Round v

Mariah traveled to Samoa to run soccer clinics at local schools.

Trip Posts

Exploring the Peruvian Identity

TBLI Round iv

Jeff McAllister travelled to Peru to work on a photography project called “Portraits of Peru.”

Trip Posts

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