On her way to the Faroe Islands, Rachel Gulotta stopped in New York City to meet with a few members of the Passion Passport team. Our founder, Zach Glassman, sat down with Rachel in Washington Square Park to ask her about her upcoming adventure, what she is most looking forward to, and what she is expecting her first trip out of the United States to be like.

As one can imagine, getting to a place as removed from usual travel paths as the Faroe Islands is an adventure in and of itself. The islands are only accessible via plane and ship, so Rachel will be flying from Reykjavik to Torshavn, in the Faroe Islands, on Atlantic Airways. It will be her first time outside of the United States.

With her camera in hand, Rachel has a long itinerary for her upcoming trip. The Faroe Islands boast a number of natural wonders and examples of Nordic culture, and she’ll be traversing the archipelago to explore all its different facets. From the city of Torshavn, the smallest capital in the world, to some of the outer islands and coastlines, Rachel will be documenting the unique cold-weather charm of the Faroe Islands.

Rachel Gulotta sits down with Passion Passport before her Faroe Islands TBLI trip.


Zach Glassman, Passion Passport Founder: “Welcome to New York! I hope you’re enjoying this quick layover. Overall, what is it like to be headed on your trip in a few short hours?”

Rachel Gulotta, Winner, The Bucket List Initiative VI: “First of all I’m stoked! I’m kind of nervous but really excited to be starting this journey. We’ll be leaving tonight, flying to Iceland for a few days while we wait for a plane to the Faroe Islands.”

ZG: “How did you get your start in photography?”

RG: “I started as a wedding photographer after quitting my job 3 years ago and buying a camera. I started by shadowing other wedding photographers, then started shooting weddings for friends and family. I’ve shot a lot of destination weddings, so I’ve traveled around the United States quite a bit. Destination Weddings are nice because I get a change of venue and it gives me a chance to shoot in different locations.

Rachel Gulotta leaves New York to head to the Faroe Islands on her TBLI trip.


ZG: “What prompted you to pursue the craft full-time?”

RG: “I love photography, but I couldn’t pursue it with my other job. I knew that the only way I could actually do it would be to quit my job.”

ZG: “What are your hopes for this trip? What are you most looking forward to?”

RG: “My hopes for the trip are to visit the people and explore the islands. I hear the people here are incredibly friendly and the group of islands as a whole are very welcoming. I’m most excited to see the beautiful landscapes of the islands. The waterfalls, green cliffs, and unique wildlife are what caught my attention.”


Rachel also added: “I think traveling expands your horizons and I know that this trip will stretch me beyond my expectations.”

The Passion Passport team agrees, and cannot wait to see the stories and experiences that this trip will entail. There will be regular updates from Rachel’s trip as it progresses here on PassionPassport.com, as well as on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook channels. Rachel’s trip can followed first hand on her Instagram channel.

Rachel and Passion Passport Founder, Zach Glassman meet for lunch before Rachel's TBLI trip.

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