With over 400 vegan eateries and many more that are vegan-friendly, the city of Tel Aviv lives up to its title as the “Vegan Capital of the World.” With a culinary tradition of veggie-centric dishes, it is only natural that Israel should possess such a plant-based oasis. As a vegan myself, I can attest to this city’s astonishing variety of vegan food. From bustling street markets to high-end sit-downs, you can satisfy both your ambience and flavor preferences.

coastal view of tel aviv

So what are we waiting for? Let’s go on a virtual food tour of this hip,
plant-iful city and hope we can one day eat through this list!

Note: Most eateries in Israel close every Saturday for Shabbat (sunset Friday-sunset Saturday).


Carmel market
halva in carmel market

falafel pitas

Street Food

The most important vegan food you must try while in Tel Aviv is falafel. An Israeli staple that happens to be vegan, you will find yourself craving these fried pockets of chickpea enchantment daily. Just wander down the hundred-year-old Carmel market (the largest outdoor market in Tel Aviv located in the center of the city) and order yourself a big falafel pita stuffed with tahini, fresh vegetables, and crisp fried falafel. There are conflicting opinions on where you can find the best falafel in the city, so try asking a local in the market to see where they lead you!

Fast Food

If you are experiencing that ever recurring craving for a salty burger and fries, look no further than Nature Boys. Nature Boys has hands-down some of the best vegan fast food I have ever had (and I’ve been vegan for five years). Their flavor and sauces are unmatched and their menu is stuffed with items like “love burgers” and “peace kebabs.” Who doesn’t want to eat that? Placed oh-so-conveniently across the street from Abraham Hostel, it’s a no-brainer dinner stop. My family must have eaten here at least three times during our stay at the hostel.

Location: 2, Levontin Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

vegan quiche


If you’re looking for charming ambience while you enjoy a flavorful meal, head to Bana where a seasonal menu gives every ingredient the attention it deserves. My favorite dish I got to try was a rich quiche. Bana’s creativity shines through every plate, and the presentation of each dish is an ode to their intentionality.

Location: Nachmani St 36, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Another sit-down option with a hip bar attached is 416. Warm light and decorative plants make it easy to cozy up with a cocktail while you await your vegan shawarma — that’s right, here you can enjoy all the traditional Israeli foods you thought you’d given up. Many of 416’s dishes fuse the vegan and non-vegan worlds of Israeli cuisine together, with menu items like panzanella salad, lemon parfait, cheesecake, and vegan steak to accompany the previously mentioned vegan shawarma. According to Happy Cow (vegan/vegetarian restaurant rating site), this is the top-rated vegan restaurant in Tel Aviv. YUM.

Location: Haarbaa 16, Tel Aviv, Israel

inside Anita'shand holding cup of gelato


The only reason I know to spell dessert with two “s’s” is because my fifth grade teacher made the distinction that you always want seconds for dessert. Well, this could not be more true for these dessert spots.

Hugging the mediterranean, Tel Aviv is not far from the birthplace of gelato. It’s safe to say you can taste the proximity of Italy’s gelato culture. Be sure to stop by Anita’s for some dairy-free gelato, and they’ll even put a cute wafer with their logo stamped on it—very insta-ppropriate.

Location: Shabazi St 40, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

If you’re in need of a second serving of sweets (because dessert always calls for seconds), then head over to Malek Sweets, one of many bakeries offering vegan versions of traditional treats. Most importantly, Malek makes a vegan knafeh, an Arab syrup-soaked cheese pastry made with layers of phyllo dough. Enjoying a vegan version of something that has been made for over a thousand years is more than special.

Location: Yehuda Hayamit St 36, Tel Aviv, Israel

I could sit here for hours writing about a restaurant on every corner of Tel Aviv, but this is a good place to start. Vegans and non-vegans alike, it’s time to get planning and build up an appetite! Tel Aviv makes sustainable eating easy and delicious.

… This is the part where I ask all Tel-Aviv natives to please drop your local recommendations in the comments below, or on our Twitter (the rest of the world thanks you).