Featured Video: Under the Ice of Antarctica

Rachel Heckerman has a strange love between art and science, and through her work has been finding unique ways to bridge the gap between the two. Her interest in both fields have led her to work from the Amazon of South America to the icy terrain of Antarctica. You can see more of her on […]

The Best Scottish Castles, Seen from the Sky

As a professional Photographer, Filmmaker & Drone Pilot I feel lucky to call Scotland my home.  The rugged, yet beautiful, landscape remains a constant in my work and provides endless opportunities for exploring. Amongst all there is to see, there has always been one feature of the Scottish landscape that has fascinated me: castles. No […]

More Than Just Parks: Acadia

Will and Jim Pattiz of More Than Just Parks describe Acadia National Park as being one of the top five national parks for fall foliage. Because it overlaps with the town of Bar Harbor, and 90 percent of the park is located on Mount Desert Island, Acadia has an extremely unique atmosphere compared to many […]

A Passion for Design: Barcelona with Demas Rusli

Designer and photographer Demas Rusli (@demas) was once skeptical about solo travel. Living in Australia and working in an architecture firm, his enthusiasm and curiosity about use of color and space were his main sources of inspiration. He didn’t want to travel just to visit a place, or boast about his destination. When our partners […]

The Healing Power of Nature: Anne McIsaac’s Arizona Road Trip

Anne McIsaac is a photo artist and art director from Montreal, who claimed the Instagram handle @yellowillow back in 2015 as a tribute to the joy and curiosity of life that she associates with the color yellow. “It means agency, and the chance to shape my own journey.” She believes that the time she’s spent […]

Sights and Sounds: Stone Town, Tanzania

“Sights and Sounds” is a new video series from the media platform For Africans by Africans (FABA). The second installment comes to us from Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage sight that used to be home to one of the largest slave markets in East Africa, but is now filled with artists and artisans selling […]

Exploring the Faroe Islands with Filmmaker Hollie Harmsworth

Hollie Harmsworth is a Welsh filmmaker and photographer who recently ventured to the Faroe Islands. Needless to say, she had her work cut out for her when it came to capturing the staggering beauty of the archipelago. It’s not easy to do the islands justice with a camera, and when you’re working that far north, […]

Meet Toledo’s Last Master Sword-Maker

Documentarian Ben Derico recently ventured from his home city of Chicago to a tiny, ancient corner of Spain. There, he met a fourth-generation master sword-maker named Mariano and shadowed the craftsman at his workshop in Toledo. His video entitled “Toledo’s Last Master Sword-Maker” depicts Mariano’s daily practice, as well as the historical significance of sword-making […]

I Was Here: Untold Stories from Iran

When Assad Dadan told people he was going to Iran, one of the most common responses he received was to “stay safe.” Fueled by media narratives that paint the nation in broad, violent brushstrokes, many outsiders view Iran as a place of danger. The country that Assad explored couldn’t have been further from that image […]