New York in Winter, city guide, by Zach GlassmanOur Twitter Chats are on a brief vacation over the holiday season, and we are taking advantage of this time to focus on a new project we’re launching. Twitter is a universe of informational tidbits, useful links, local finds, and beautiful photos. Since the Passion Passport community is spread throughout the world, we are going to use Twitter as a way for us all to share information, aspirations, and inspiration.

Twitter Threads will be our way of doing this. Each Monday, we’ll launch a Twitter Thread Challenge on a different topic, intended to be away for all of us to get to know each other, our travel style, and our priorities a bit better. Threads will take the form of a series of 4 tweets. This will give you enough space to share your photos, recommendations, and whatever else our Threads will focus on going forward. But you’ll also have to be picky, and only post your 4 favorites.

This week, December 22nd to 27th, we’ll be kicking things off by asking you to share a Must-See guide your hometown this winter. Whether its nearby skiing, a seasonal meal at your favorite restaurant, the best place to capture a winter sunrise, or a Pop-Up Christmas Market, we’re hoping these Threads will act as mini itineraries for town and cities all around the world. Get your submission in by Midnight EST, on December 27th, for a chance to have your Twitter Thread featured on Passion

Challenge Rules:

  1. All entries must be 4 tweets in length, and be submitted between December 22nd and 11:59PM EST on December 27th.
  2. Use the  hashtag #PPWinterGuide on each of your 4 tweets.
  3. Include Photos, Links, Reviews, and any other media that you’d like. The more creative the better!
  4. We encourage you to use your own photos. If that is not possible, please remember to give proper attribution.