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Boats waiting to transport people up and down the river
Photo by community member @bowobukanboyo

In the fast-paced world of red-eye flights, early morning commuter trains, and traffic, it often forgotten that transportation isn’t always frustrating. As we travel, an appreciation of transportation can often pop up as your train winds it’s way down a particularly scenic coastline or your flight flies low over a foreign city. It’s a sense of adventure that bubbles up through the jet lag, the sleepless night, or the clamor, but that feeling can be found on more domestic trips as well.

We’re not expecting you to find your wanderlust on the way to work, but show we want to see your favorite places, near or far, and how you get to them in this week’s Twitter Thread. Is it the music on the radio, the landscapes you drive by, or the people you’re with that turns a method of transportation into an adventure? The winner will be the one who puts us right there in the seat next to them.

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Challenge Rules:

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  • Use the hashtag #PPTransport on each of your 3 tweets.
  • Include Photos, Links, Maps, or any other media that you’d like. The more creative the better!
  • We encourage you to use your own photos. If that is not possible, please remember to give proper attribution.