Pablo Segura's photo of girl at ruined temple. Why do you travel Twitter Chat
Photo by Community Member @pabloesegura

This week we want to ask you all a question that we should have asked a long time ago. Although we try to inspire the Passion Passport community to share their answers everyday, its time to ask directly: Why do you travel?

Some people travel for work, while others count down the days until each vacation. Still others have made work look like vacation as they blog their way from city to city. Those are the answers we’re expecting. What we want to hear, though, are the simple reasons why you pick one place over another. Are you checking items off a bucket list? Or do you like to go places few other have been? Do you travel for stimulation or relaxation? Join us on Wednesday, October 8th for our weekly #Passion Passport Twitter Chat to talk about why we travel.

If you will miss the chat but would still like to participate, you can schedule your tweets according to the times below:



1:00PM EST  Q1: How do you define #Wanderlust? Do you have it?

1:08PM EST  Q2: What is the deciding factor in whether you book a trip or not?

1:16PM EST   Q3: Dream Vacation: Foreign City or Exotic Beach? Why?

1:24PM EST  Q4: During what season are you most likely to travel?

1:32PM EST  Q5: Where do you look for inspiration for your trips?

1:40PM EST  Q6: Your plane leaves tomorrow. Where does it land?

1:48PM EST  Q7: Why do you travel? (Most creative answers will be retweeted!)

1:55PM EST  Q8: Of all the trips you’ve been on, which has stuck with you the most? (Share the link if you’ve published it!)