Twitter Chat - Traveling Close To Home

Our #PassionPassport Twitter chat this week is about exploring your own backyard. We often dream about extended round-the-world trips to exotic locations. We feel that true travel has to be done on a grand scale. But sometimes things tie you down a bit. You might have limited vacation time, a small budget, or other responsibilities that keep you close to home for most of the year. This week, we want to talk about how you can still live a life full of travel and adventure without going too far from home.

Join us along with our co-host @anne_elizabeth on Thursday, January 15th at 2PM EST as we talk about traveling close to home. Follow along and add your thoughts using the #PassionPassport hashtag.

If you are unavailable during the chat but would still like to participate, you can schedule your tweets according to the times listed below. 
2:00PM EST   Q1: Welcome to our #PassionPassport chat about traveling close to home! Introduce yourself & share where you’re tweeting from.
2:05PM EST   Q2: What’s one new place near your home that you explored recently and would recommend? Show us a photo! #passionpassport
2:13PM EST    Q3: How do you continue to find new places and destinations to explore near you ? #passionpassport
2:21PM EST   Q4: How can you make the most out of limited travel time and/or a small budget (day trips, weekends, etc)? #passionpassport
2:29PM EST   Q5: How can you travel locally without feeling like everything is so familiar? How can you add excitement to those trips? #passionpassport
2:37PM EST   Q6:   Have you made it a priority to explore new areas and attractions close to home? Why or why not? #passionpassport
2:45PM EST   Q7: What’s one destination near your home that you’d like to explore in 2015? #passionpassport
2:53PM EST   Q8: Have you written about or photographed an awesome spot in your own backyard? Share the link with us! #passionpassport