Bag packed and ready to go. Passion Passport Twitter ChatThis week our #PassionPassport twitter chat is sponsored by Genius Pack, and they are giving away some great prizes including their 30″ Upright Suitcase. Genius Pack works hard to think of everything your bag will need ahead of time, including umbrella holsters and patent-pending laundry technology.

Join us on Wednesday, August 20th at 1PM EST for our chat with Genius Pack, all about prepping for a trip, packing, and staying organized and refreshed on the road. Learn from your fellow travelers about how to pack efficiently and how to wake up from a long flight and feel refreshed, and sympathize with them about airport security hassles and lost baggage.

For more information on Genius Pack, visit their site here.

If you want to participate in the chat but will be away from your computer, you can schedule your posts according to the times below.

Schedule of Questions:

1:00   Q1. What’s the best travel bag you’ve had? Why?

1:07   Q2. What are your packing tips? Suction bags, stuffing socks in shoes? We want to know it all!

1:13   Q3. Any packing disaster stories? Any packing success stories?

1:20   Q4. When flying, what are 3 things you have to have in your carry on?

1:26   Q5. Is there anything you’d never pack in your checked baggage in case it was lost?

1:32   Q6. What are your tricks for getting off a flight rested and refreshed?

1:39   Q7. If you could add one feature to your suitcase, what would it be?

1:46   Q8. Where do you keep your passport and other important info so it’s safe but accessible while traveling?

1:52   Q9. What are your methods for getting through airport security smoothly? What’s your best security story?