Photo by community member @leiferiksmith.
Photo by community member @leiferiksmith.

Special Time This Week: 4PM EST

During this week’s Twitter Chat, we are discussing Travel Portraiture. We’ll be joined by photographers Branden Harvey and Adrienne Pitts, and we’ll be sharing preferences while photographing strangers, telling stories through portraits, and how photographing locals affects the travel experience. We want to find out what types of people catch your eye throughout your wanderings, how you feel about photographing strangers, and what types of portraits make for the best stories. Each traveler and each photographer is different, so we’re interested in getting your input on each of the questions for a wide array Travel Portraiture tips!

Join us and co-hosts @BrandenHarvey and @hellopoe with the #PassionPassport hashtag on Thursday February 26th at 4PM EST to join this week’s “Travel Portraiture” Twitter Chat.

If you are unavailable during the chat but would still like to participate, you can schedule your tweets according to the times listed below.


4:00pm EST
Q1: Welcome to our #PassionPassport Chat on Travel Portraiture w/ @hellopoe & @BrandenHarvey! Where are you joining us from? Share a photo!

4:05pm EST
Q2: .@BrandenHarvey and @hellopoe, as experienced travel photogs, what advice do you have for people starting out? #passionpassport

4:13pm EST
Q3: When traveling, how does portrait photography help you connect to locals? #passionpassport

4:21pm EST
Q4: If you’re traveling in a place where you don’t speak the language, how do you ask strangers for photos? How does it go? #passionpassport

4:29pm EST
Q5:  When you take a portrait, how do you let the subject’s personality shine through? #passionpassport

4:40pm EST
Q6: Have you had a challenging experience photographing a stranger? What happened? #passionpassport

4:48pm EST
Q7:  What are your best technical tips (lighting, lens, etc) for getting the best possible portraits? #passionpassport

4:53pm EST
Q8: What is your favorite or most cherished travel portrait that you have captured? Share the photo + story! #passionpassport