map and travel magazine photo by @lightrecital for travel planning chat
Photo by Community Member @lightrecital

Do you spend late nights reading dog-eared guidebooks? Do you have a list of things to do in cities you’ve never been to, on continents you’ve never set foot on before? If so, you’re probably a lot like us. And you most likely enjoy planning trips.

On Wednesday, November 5th, join us on Twitter at 1PM EST for a 1 hour chat about the tools we use to plan our trips. Whether you find your accommodations through CouchSurfing or a traditional travel agent, use Instagram to find friends or coffee, or have bookmarked itineraries in CreateTrips. Join us to share the travel planning tools you use and how you decide what to do while on the road.

The world, and the world of travel, are changing rapidly now that everyone has their own personal tour guide in their pocket with them. While that allows us to see more of the world than ever before, how important is it to carve out time for spontaneity and discovery? We’ll talk about this question and much, much more during the chat. You can use the tag #passionpassport to follow the conversation, which starts at 1PM EST on Wednesday, Novemeber 5th. 

If you’ll be away from your computer during the chat but would still like to participate, you can schedule your responses according to the times listed below.



1:00PM EST
Q1: Welcome to the #passionpassport chat about Travel Tools! Introduce yourself and say where you’re tweeting from today!

1:06PM EST
Q2: How do you think technology has changed the day-to-day way that people travel? #passionpassport

1:14PM EST
Q3: What are your favorite tools/apps/resources to use when planning a trip? #passionpassport

1:22PM EST
Q4: How do you balance planning your trip while leaving room for spontaneity? #passionpassport

1:30PM EST
Q5: How do you look for accommodations when you travel? Couchsurfing, AirBNB, hotel websites? #passionpassport

1:38PM EST
Q6: How much of your trip do you usually plan in advance? Transportation, lodging, activities? #passionpassport

1:46PM EST
Q7: Have you ever had an experience that made you wish you would have planned more in advance? What happened? #passionpassport

1:54PM EST
Q8: Have you ever found a great activity or accommodation through a tool or app? Show us a photo or blog post! #passionpassport