Travel Goals Twitter Chat
Photo by community member @lyssavarela

The more we travel, the more of the world we want to see and experience. Our bucket lists start to grow. We’re ready to expand our horizons and leap outside of our comfort zones. This Thursday, December 18th at 2PM EST, we’ll be chatting about travel goals, including how we set them and how we find inspiration. We’ll also be talking about travel quests and journeys that inspire us, like Chris Guillebeau’s goal of visiting every country in the world and Rob Lutter’s journey of cycling around the world to raise money for charity. Come armed with your favorite examples and a list of your travel goals.

Join us and our co-host @spilling_beans at our new weekly #PassionPassport chat time to talk about your travel goals, and other inspiring travel quests that you’ve seen or read about. If you find yourself inspired, apply for The Bucket List Initiative and let us help you complete your next travel goal. Applications are due by December 20th.


If you are unavailable during our Twitter chat about travel goals, feel free to schedule your responses according to the times listed below:

2:00PM EST   Q1: Welcome to our #PassionPassport chat about Travel Goals. Introduce yourself and show us where you’re tweeting from!

2:05PM EST   Q2: Have you ever started a trip with a specific goal, like @zachspassport’s Wanderlust Year? #passionpassport

2:13PM EST   Q3: Have you ever pushed yourself outside of your comfort zone or past your normal limits while traveling? Show us a photo! #passionpassport

2:21PM EST   Q4:Have you had a travel quest like @chrisguillebeau visiting each country or @JoeySchusler bikepacking the Peruvian Andes? #passionpassport

2:29PM EST   Q5: What other quests have inspired you? #passionpassport

2:37PM EST   Q6: What the biggest obstacle to making these dreams come true? How do you overcome that? #passionpassport

2:45PM EST   Q7: What’s the next travel-related goal you want to tackle? Where will it take you?#passionpassport

2:53PM EST   Q8: Have you written about starting or accomplishing a travel goal? Share the link with us! #passionpassport