Travel Documentation Twitter Chat promo image. Switzerland photo.
Photo by community member @Quintner

This week our Twitter Chat will focus on Travel Documentation. Our community is built on the idea of sharing our travels, and the inspiration that comes from it, with other people. We want to know how you document your trips, whether you post photos to Instagram or a scrapbook, on a blog or in a journal. The community that has developed around Passion Passport is a testament to the fact that a picture or a story can transport you to a far away place.

We also know how hard it is to stay organized, and we want to start a conversation about how you document your trips. Join us at 1PM EST on Wednesday, August 27th to hear how people are using social media to enhance their travels, how to keep people at home updated on your trip, and which travelers are pushing the envelope.

If you are unavailable during the chat, feel free to schedule your posts according to the schedule below.




1:00PM   Q1: What is your favorite way to record your travels? #passionpassport

1:07PM   Q2: What types of equipment do you use as you travel? Cameras, connectivity, and storage.  #passionpassport

1:14PM    Q3: Who are your favorite people to follow as they travel? What about their documentation do you like?  #passionpassport

1:21PM    Q4: Do you look for travel recommendation on social media? If so, how?  #passionpassport

1:29PM   Q5: Have you ever met up with a fellow traveler you met via social media? Where?  #passionpassport

1:36PM   Q6: Do you use a unique hashtag to organize your posts?  #passionpassport

1:44PM   Q7: Do you use the photo map on Instagram? How? #passionpassport

1:52PM   Q8: What’s your favorite trip that you’ve documented? Share the link! #passionpassport