This week we are teaming up with Amtrak to talk about Train Travel. Traveling by rail is a mode of transportation that gets little attention in most travel communities, and we are hoping to change that. While people pour over articles on air fair deals and the perfect airline, or obsess over which car to take on which rad trip itinerary, fewer people think about taking the train.

Whether you take the subway to work everyday or long for a trip on the Orient Express, we want to hear why you love traveling by train. Whether its the comfort planes can’t compete with, the old world sensibilities of the dining car, or the unbeatable views, tell us all about it at 1PM EST on Wednesday, August 13th.

Use the tag #passionpassport on Twitter and join the conversation. The questions for the chat, and the times that they will be posted, are listed below.


1:00PM   1. What is the most memorable train trip you’ve taken? Why?

1:07PM   2. If you’ve never taken a train trip what makes it something you want to do?

1:14 PM  3. What’s something you always look for when booking a train trip?

1:21PM   4. What is it about train travel that makes it different from other modes of transportation?

1:28PM   5. What are 3 things you always bring with you on a train?

1:35 PM  6. If you could any amenity to your sleeping car, what would it be?

1:42PM   7. What is your favorite thing to photograph when traveling? (Share the photo!)

1:50PM  8. If you could take one train trip anywhere in the USA, where would it be?


Photo by Community Member @lefabuleuxdestin