Bali Temple photo for Passion Passport South East Asia Twitter Chat
Photo by Community Member @loveandrich

As the weather cools down in much of North America, this week’s Twitter Chat is taking us to a place known for its excitement and heat: Southeast Asia. From the Philippines to Indonesia, there’s so much to see and do in Southeast Asia. You’ll find temples and other archaeological sites, islands with picturesque beaches, and some of the most amazing food in the world.

Part of a new series called “On Location”, this chat will focus solely on Southeast Asia. If you’ve spent time in the area, this is the chance to share your adventures with us. Bring your best suggestions and lessons learned to share with our community. If you’ve never been to Southeast Asia, don’t miss this chat. Tell us where you’d love to visit in the region and get specific tips and recommendations from other like-minded travelers.

We want to hear all about your travel in Southeast Asia. Where do you go to relax and unwind? What city has the best street food? Which country would you go out of your way to return to? Join our Twitter Chat on Wednesday October 29th at 1pm EST by using the tag #passionpassport. Bring your best stories and photos from your trips!

If you will be unavailable during the chat time but would still like to participate, you can schedule your tweets according to the times listed below.


1:00PM EST   Q1: Welcome to our #passionpassport Twitter Chat about Southeast Asia. Introduce yourself and let us know where you’re tweeting from!

1:06PM EST   Q2: Do you have a favorite country in SE Asia or a country you’d love to visit? Why does that country stand out to you? #passionpassport

1:14PM EST    Q3: If you’ve traveled to SE Asia before, do you have any advice for someone who is visiting for the first time? #passionpassport

1:22PM EST   Q4: Complete this sentence: A trip to Southeast Asia isn’t complete without a visit to _____. #passionpassport

1:30PM EST    Q5: What was the biggest difference you found in SE Asia (food, weather, people?) and how did you overcome it … or learn to live with it? #passionpassport

1:38 PM EST   Q6: Here’s the big question: FOOD! What are some of your must-eat foods in SE Asia? Bonus points for photos! #passionpassport

1:46 PM EST   Q7: Tomorrow you’re getting a ticket to visit one place in SE Asia. Where is that ticket taking you & why? #passionpassport

1:54 PM EST   Q8: Have you written about traveling in Southeast Asia? Share the link with us! #passionpassport