Photo by Passion Passport community member @saltaconmigo


South America holds some of the world’s most breath-taking icons of history, beauty and adventure. From the glorious Amazon to the story-drenched trails of Machu Picchu, the continent offers us endless destinations that help us appreciate travels in diverse contexts.

In this Thursday’s Twitter chat, we’re focusing on all countries in South America as travel destinations. We want to hear the relationships you’ve built, the lessons you’ve learned about yourself and others because of the regions’ cultures and sights.

Share your stories and photos with us this Thursday 7/14, at 2pm EST, by using the tag #PassionPassport on Twitter!

If you will be unavailable during the chat time but would still like to participate, please schedule your responses according to the schedule below:

Q1 – 2:00pm EST
Welcome to our #PassionPassport chat on #SouthAmerica! Where are you joining us from?

Q2 – 2:05pm EST
The South American continent has intensely varied landscapes. What natural wonder or aspect has struck you most?

Q3 – 2:10pm EST
What South America meal or treat has made your mouth water? Where was it from? Share a photo!

Q4 – 2:15pm EST
With its roots in both indigenous and colonial culture, where have you felt the continent’s history in your travels?

Q5 – 2:20pm EST
Have you taken part in a festival or tradition on your South American travels? Share a photo with us!

Q6 – 2:25pm EST
As a traveler, why are you personally drawn to South America over other destinations? Be specific!

Q7 – 2:30pm EST
People always make places what they are. What companions have you met while exploring South America? How & where did you meet them?

Q8 – 2:35pm EST
Going back to the beginning – who or what first interested you in setting South America as an adventure spot? 

Q9 – 2:40pm EST
What is up next on your South America trip bucket list? What draws you there?

Q10 – 2:45pm EST
Ever come across unique wildlife while exploring South America? We’d love to see a picture!

Q11 – 2:50pm EST
Sum up your impression of a cherished South America memory in three words. Get creative!

Q12 – 2:55pm EST
From ziplines to mountainous hikes, what outdoor adventures have you experienced in South America?