Photo by Community Member @katchsilva
Photo by Community Member @katchsilva

For most of us, travel is fleeting. A weekend getaway, a week or even a fortnight of relaxation or exploration — these are mostly tempered by a return to our norms, to the everyday and a more stable routine. But for some, travel can take a more distilled form: a cross-country walk, a months-long dive into a new location that results in much deeper knowledge. Here at Passion Passport, we’ve loved sharing such exhilarating overland stories as Jedidiah Jenkins’ bike odyssey from Oregon to Chile, Michael George’s walk of the Camino Trail and the Vanajeros’ moving portrait project. Now, we want to hear from our community: how have you deepened your ideas of the world through travel overland? Where would you most like to learn the lay of the land, literally?

This Thursday, Mar. 24 at 2pm ET, we’ll be joined by co-hosts who have undertaken longer and more intense travel endeavors:

If you are unavailable during the chat time but would still like to participate, feel free to schedule your tweets according to the times listed below:

Q1 – 2:00pm EST
Share a photo from a place you connected to more deeply by taking it in overland. Where was it taken? What made that connection special?

Q2 – 2:06pm EST
Overland travel can be as simple as hiking, or as intense as crossing a country on foot. Where does your next ​*trip*​ idea fall on the spectrum?

Q3 – 2:12pm EST
What is the longest overland journey you’ve made to date? What stands out, besides the length?

Q4 – 2:18pm EST
How would you prefer to take a place in overland: by foot, by car, by train, another option? Why?

Q5 – 2:24pm EST
Other than basic survival needs, what do you think is the biggest essential for an overland undertaking? Get creative!

Q6 – 2:30pm EST
Do you always have an itinerary, or see where the road takes you? If the latter, how do you plan for basics like sleeping and eating?

Q7 – 2:36pm EST
What do you think is a drawback of overland travel? Have you found a way to counter it?

Q8 – 2:42pm EST
What destination would you most like to gain visceral knowledge of by exploring it on the ground? Why?

Q9 – 2:48pm EST
What do you gain from overland travel over other kinds of travel? Be specific!

Q10 – 2:55pm EST
Is there a traveler whose journey has particularly inspired you? Share it!