Photo by Jon Pereira
Photo by Jon Pereira

Mountains — the word conjures the silhouette of a peak rising above the horizon, or a jagged row stretching out under the sky. Some of us take them on for the incredible vistas; some for the sheer sense of achievement in reaching the summit. What’s undeniable is that mountains have a considerable presence in our world, and much of travel is centered around these natural colossuses. We want to chat about all of them this week, so bring your past experiences, aspirations, and best tidbits of advice!

This Thursday, 11/12 at 2pm ET, we’ll be joined by co-hosts who know their ridges and ranges, and for whom mountains are an indisputable part of travel.

Appalachian Trials (@AppTrials): a hub of resources on hiking the Appalachian Trail (also in the form of a book)
Pure Adirondacks (@PureADK): travel and apparel brand focused on the Adirondack Mountains

If you are unavailable during the chat time but would still like to participate, feel free to schedule your tweets according to the times listed below:

Q1 – 2:00pm EST
Share a photo from a recent venture into the mountains. Where was it taken?

Q2 – 2:05pm EST
Would you rather take on one challenging peak or a range/trail? Why?

Q3 – 2:10pm EST
What mountain or range is most underrated to you? What aspects of it?

Q4 – 2:15pm EST
Hiking solo or with friends — which do you prefer?

Q5 – 2:20pm EST
What are your gear essentials when preparing for a mountain trip? Share a photo!

Q6 – 2:25pm EST
What’s your go-to mountaintop snack or treat to refuel from the climb?

Q7 – 2:30pm EST
While thrilling, mountains pose some risks. What’s your number one tip for hiking safely?

Q8 – 2:35pm EST
Mountain towns have a certain identity. Have you visited a particularly memorable one? What made it so?

Q9 – 2:40pm EST
Tell us about a spectacular or satisfying day hike. What stands out about it?

Q10 – 2:45pm EST
What one peak or range are you itching to climb? What about it appeals to you?

Q11 – 2:50pm EST
Whether friend or hero, who would you want to most take on a climb with? Why?

Q12 – 2:55pm EST
Inspire us! Share a mountain adventure you’ve published, or one by another hiker!