Photo by Community Member @fieldnotes__
Photo by Community Member @fieldnotes__

featured image by Conor MacNeill (@thefella)

It’s a pull in your gut, a welcome disorientation — the sense of being taken out of your own time. Worn cobblestones, gestures exchanged, structures that soar or sink into the ground — each place has its own markers of what has come before. This week’s conversation is all about those markers: we want to hear about the moments that have stirred you most to consider another time.

Join us this Thursday, June 16 from 2-3pm ET, to share the places in your travels that have history embedded in their every detail.

If you are unavailable during the chat time but would still like to participate, feel free to schedule your tweets according to the times listed below:

Q1 – 2:00pm EST
Where are you joining us from today? Share some of that place’s history with us!

Q2 – 2:06pm EST
Where have you felt the past and present mixing in your travels? Share a photo if you can!

Q3 – 2:12pm EST
Do you go looking for history when you travel, or more often stumble across it? Can you give an example?

Q4 – 2:18pm EST
What appeals to you more — the layered past of a city, or the ancientness of an undisturbed landscape? Why?

Q5 – 2:24pm EST
Have you taken, or want to take, a trip to trace your own history — family, heritage, etc.? Where?

Q6 – 2:30pm EST
Have you come across a tradition in your travels that you thought unique or striking? Where does it originate?

Q7 – 2:36pm EST
If you could explore any location in any time period, where and when would you choose? Why?

Q8 – 2:42pm EST
What place do you think is misrepresented in travel, because of its history? Share an image from your own trip!

Q9 – 2:48pm EST
Where is next on your list of deeply historical places to see? What draws you there?

Q10 – 2:55pm EST
Share a story, yours or another traveler’s, that illuminates some kind of history in travel!