Photo by Community Member @brianch82
Photo by Community Member @brianch82

Travel is all about novelty: new sights, sounds — not to mention savors and scents! Food is an undeniable pillar of travel, whether it be a renowned dish, an unexpected treat, or a meal that turned all your expectations on their heads. This week, we’ll be thinking with our stomachs — sharing our favorite past meals and strangest delicacies, as well as looking for the next travel delight to get our jaws on!

We’ll be joined by co-hosts whose palates are as big a part of their travels as the places:

If you are unavailable during the chat time but would still like to participate, feel free to schedule your tweets according to the times listed below:

Q1 – 2:00pm EST
Share a photo of a standout meal from your recent travels. Where did you have it? What made it special?

Q2 – 2:06pm EST
Italian gelato, Belgian fries — locations have well-known specialties. Which one(s) live up to the fame?

Q3 – 2:12pm EST
What’s your food approach while traveling: cooking, dining out, snacking here & there, a mix?

Q4 – 2:18pm EST
Has a meal ever helped you connect more deeply with other travelers, or the local culture? Give an example!

Q5 – 2:24pm EST
Street food — yay or nay? Why? Share a photo!

Q6 – 2:30pm EST
What’s the strangest or most surprising food you’ve tried while traveling? Share a photo!

Q7 – 2:36pm EST
If you had to live on the cuisine of one region, which would it be? Why?

Q8 – 2:42pm EST
Have your travels changed your tastes, or inspired you to recreate something particular?

Q9 – 2:48pm EST
What new cuisine/dish are you excited to try in your upcoming or future travels?

Q10 – 2:55pm EST
Who inspires you to be adventurous in both your travels and tastes? Tag them, or share a story of theirs!