Exploring Europe, Rome image by Zach Glassman

Within Europe lay some of the most enticing travel destinations our world has to offer. Ancient ruins and medieval cities are intractly woven together with modern life. While some of the remnants of the old world are what get all the attention, its the ways of life that are left over that make these places such a wonder to visit.

In this week’s upcoming feature, Adrienne Pitts bypasses Paris’s landmarks and explores it’s cafe culture. What unique ways of life do you explore when you travel? Europe abounds with them, from farmers markets to river-side book salesmen, tiny local museums and family-owned restuarants, and we want to hear your favorites. Join us this Thursday at 2pm EST to talk about how you go beyond the guidebook and take exploration into your own hands when you travel in Europe with our co-hosts @Dwellable, @MartaTravelling@KneadToWander and @OurTastyTravels.


If you would like to participate but our unavailable during the chat time, please schedule your tweets according to the times listed below:

2:00PM EST
Q1: Welcome to our #PassionPassport Twitter Chat on exploring Europe! Introduce yourself and tell us where you’re tweeting from.

2:05PM EST
Q2: How do you like to explore beyond the guidebook? What parts of European culture do you dive into when you travel? #PassionPassport

2:13PM EST
Q3: What has been your favorite European city to explore so far? What parts of it surprised you? #passionpassport

2:22PM EST
Q4: Whats one European city that you’d like to explore? What bits of culture draw you there and how would you embrace them? #passionpassport

2:30PM EST
Q5: Coffee Culture or Farmer’s Markets? What would you rather experience and where would you do it? #passionpassport

2:38PM EST
Q6: Who are your favorite European bloggers, photographers & publications and how do they inspire you to visit? #passionpassport

2:46PM EST
Q7: What is one local product or memento you always bring home from your travels in Europe? #passionpassport

2:54PM EST
Q8: Have you published any of your explorations of Europe? Share the link with us so we can see! #passionpassport