Expat Twitter Chat - Passion Passport small city skyline at dawn
Photo by Community Member @urbanthony

Anyone that travels, at some point, has entertained the idea of simply never going home. Whether its prolonging a splendid vacation, or a torrid love affair, or always wanting to see the next place, there are endless reasons to lust after life in a distant land. The attractions are many and the possibility inherent in every new person met or new place visited can be an invigorating experience…for a traveler. How does that mentality change when you stop traveling and settle into a life of expatriation?

The word “expat” conjures up images of Paul Bowles in Tangier, or Hemingway in Paris. These are romantic visions, and while some experiences are no doubt adventurous, expatriation is something that touches many people as our world shifts to a more mobile, global, work force. Join us on Wednesday, October 15 at 1PM EST for a twitter chat that examines whether you would be cut out to be an expat, and what it means to assimilate into a foreign culture when you stop traveling and start inhabiting a new place. We are very excited to welcome @ednacz as our co-host this week!

If you would like to participate in our chat but will be unavailable at 1PM EST on Wednesday, schedule your responses according to the times below:


1:00 PM EST  Q1. Have you ever lived for an extended period of time in a foreign country?
1:08 PM EST  Q2. Did you find yourself drawn to that culture or excited to leave the culture you had been in?
1:16 PM EST   Q3. Describe a time you felt totally accepted into a new culture? Ever reminded that you’re a foreigner?
1:24 PM EST  Q4. You’re going to live abroad for the next 3 years. Where do you go and why?
1:31 PM EST  Q5. How does your goal of ‘travel’ change when it’s for a period of years rather than weeks?
1:38 PM EST  Q6. If you could live in one famous expatriate community from the past, where would it be?
1:46 PM EST  Q7. What do you think the hardest part about living in a foreign culture is?
1:54 PM EST  Q8. Have you written about your experiences abroad? Share a link to your writing or photos!