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Photo by Community Member @nomadical

This week we are teaming up with Rail Europe to talk about traveling Europe by train. Train travel has a certain elegance to it, an old world charm, that lends itself perfectly to city-hopping through Europe. Take the overnight train from Paris to Berlin for the Christmas Markets, or cruise the Italian countryside from Milan to Naples, taking in mountains and vineyards and coastlines from the comfort of your seat. In a way that planes and cars cannot, a train enhances a trip and becomes part of the experience itself.

For more on trips and itineraries, you can visit the Rail Europe site here. For more stories and photos on European countrysides and grand train stations, join us on Wednesday, September 24th at 1PM EST for our chat on all things European Train Travel. Use the hashtag #passionpassport to join the chat!

If you will be away from your computer during the chat but would still like to participate, you can schedule your tweets according to the times listed below.



1:00PM  Q1:   What is your dream European train route? Can be realistic or not!
1:08PM  Q2:   Castles, green hills, little towns — what is your favorite thing to photograph out the train window? Show us your photos!
1:16PM   Q3:   Day trains versus overnight trains: which do you prefer and why?
1:24PM   Q4:   What is the best part about traveling through Europe by train? Show us your photos!
1:32PM   Q5:   Do you prefer to plan an itinerary in advance, or do you like to make up your plans as you go along?
1:40PM   Q6:   Which season do you think is best for traveling in Europe?
1:48PM   Q7:  If you could add one type of car to a typical passenger train, what would it be? (Dining Car, Caboose, Lounge, etc.)
1:55PM   Q8:   What is your favorite train travel story? Share the link if you’ve published it!