Photo by Community Member @digernes
Photo by Community Member @digernes

The wind flutes a hollow tune. Your throat is a touch dry, and your eyes sting. For miles, there is only sky, sand, and shrub. If you recognize this scene, then you know how strangely alluring the desert can be. Join our conversation this week as we share the most awe-striking sandlands we’ve been to, trade advice on how to stay safe in these extreme conditions, and see how diverse desert across the world can be.

Our chat will be Thursday, June 23 from 2-3pm ET. Join us!

If you are unavailable during the chat time but would still like to participate, feel free to schedule your tweets according to the times listed below:

Q1 – 2:00pm EST
Whether you’ve been to the desert or not, what draws you there?

Q2 – 2:06pm EST
Share an unforgettable desert vista from your travels. Where were you? What struck you about that moment?

Q3 – 2:12pm EST
Desert plants are scarce but unique. Share an image of a memorable shrub in its native habitat!

Q4 – 2:18pm EST
Have you had an eerie or unearthly moment in the desert? Where? Show us!

Q5 – 2:24pm EST
Have you been to any memorable festivals or events in the desert? If not, which would you like to attend?

Q6 – 2:30pm EST
Who would you take a desert trip with? Why? Tag them if you can!

Q7 – 2:36pm EST
What tips can you offer fellow travelers to avoid the desert becoming a danger zone? (Keeping cool, safe, etc.)

Q8 – 2:42pm EST
In your own words, what’s most striking about desert locations over other kinds?

Q9 – 2:48pm EST
What new sand lands are you looking to explore next? Why?

Q10 – 2:55pm EST
We’re headed for the heat. Share a story or perspective from the desert — yours or another traveler’s!