#PassionPassport "Balancing Life and Travel" Twitter Chat

Our #PassionPassport Twitter chat this week is about balancing life and travel. We all have responsibilities that may keep us from traveling. For some of us, it’s a career that provides limited vacation time. For others, it could be a spouse’s career or our own desire to “settle down” and start a family. For many of us, finding the money to travel can be a challenge. Our extra income each month goes toward education, a mortgage, or retirement. Life can find a multitude of ways to complicate our desire to see the world. During this week’s Twitter chat, we’re tackling these obstacles and finding ways to incorporate more travel into our lives.

Join us along with our co-host @mappingmegan on Thursday, January 22nd at 2PM EST as we chat about balancing other parts of your life with your love of travel. Follow along and add your thoughts using the #PassionPassport hashtag.

If you are unavailable during the chat but would still like to participate, you can schedule your tweets according to the times listed below. 
2:00PM EST   Q1: Welcome to our #PassionPassport chat about balancing life with travel! Introduce yourself & share where you’re tweeting from.
2:05PM EST   Q2: We all have responsibilities that may keep us from traveling (job, money, time, family, etc.) What’s holding you back? #passionpassport
2:13PM EST    Q3: Tell us about a trip that you made happen, despite obstacles. Show us a photo too! #passionpassport
2:21PM EST   Q4: How can you live a life full of travel while maintaining relationships with family and friends? #passionpassport
2:29PM EST   Q5: How can you make travel a priority while still focusing on your career? #passionpassport
2:37PM EST   Q6: How do you save money for your travels? And how do you make that money last on the road? #passionpassport
2:45PM EST   Q7: What’s one trip that you’re saving your money and vacation days for in 2015? #passionpassport
2:53PM EST   Q8: Have you written about strategies for adding more travel to your life? Share the link with us! #passionpassport