Golden Gate Bridge American Travel Twitter Chat Image
Photo by Community Member @blaineorific

When we think of travel, we tend to think in big, sweeping vistas: jaw-dropping summits, cities and wilderness sat side by side. While we might look far and wide for all this, the USA harbors more surprises than one might think. Geographically abundant and varied, America is ripe ground for both travel dreams and the experiences that bring them to life. It’s constantly evolving, which means American travel is, too.

With Independence Day coming up this weekend, we thought it would make perfect sense to focus this week’s chat on travel within American borders. America the Beautiful, so it’s sung, is named so “for amber waves of grain, for purple mountain majesties” — do you agree? In the wide spectrum of American destinations, what draws you in most? We want to know what parts of the USA you’ve seen, and where you’re still curious about.

You can join us this Thursday 7/2 at 2pm EST, for an all-American approach to travel! Come prepared with your best photos, stories, and questions! We’ll be joined by our expert co-hosts:

@lonelyplanetUSA: USA-based travel experts from Lonely Planet
@thebrandUSA: The nation’s first cooperative destination marketing organization
@wanderlust13: Veronica Stoddart, current travel editor and former travel editor-in-chief of USA Today.


If you are unavailable during the twitter chat time but would still like to participate, please schedule your responses according to the times listed below:

2:00pm EST
Q1. Welcome to this week’s #PassionPassport Twitter Chat on American Travel. Where are you joining us from?

2:05pm EST
Q2. Share a photo from a recent trip in the USA. Where did you visit?

2:10pm EST
Q3. Independence Day is coming up; do you travel for the 4th of July? Do you have any specific traditions?

2:15pm EST
Q4. The US is a myriad of landscapes: mountains, prairies, cities, beaches. What’s your favorite?

2:20pm EST
Q5. Road trips are key to the idea of American travel. Where would you go (or where have you gone), and with who?

2:25pm EST
Q6. Conservation is another USA cornerstone; what National Park or preserve is on your list?

2:30pm EST
Q7. What historical American city holds the most interest for you? Why?

2:35pm EST
Q8. What’s one underrated aspect of American travel?

2:40pm EST
Q9. Is there an American travel story you’re particularly drawn to? Why? Share it with us.

2:45pm EST
Q10. The regions of the US have distinct identities. Which do you find the most appealing? Why?

2:50pm EST
Q11. What do you think sets American travel apart from travel elsewhere in the world?

2:55pm EST
Q12. Have you published any photos or stories about your travels in the United States? Share them with us!