Nick Barron mountains from the cockpit. Passion Passport Twitter chat image
Photo by community member Nick Barron

Every adventure is a trip, but not every trip is an adventure. All travel is not created equal, and while the team here at Passion Passport loves a trip to the museum and a morning cafe run as much as the next traveler, we also like to get out in the wild a bit. We may not be base jumping or traversing deserts, yet, but we are always up for a good adventure story.

Last week we talked about the adventures we’ve had in tropical waters and on jungle paths. Now we’re going in the opposite direction. Winter is coming.

On Wednesday, September 10th, join us on Twitter at 1PM EST using the tag #passionpassport. We want to hear stories about the time you slept in a tent on the side of a glacier, or the whiteouts you’ve driven through, or cold nights in the desert. This is Part Two of our 2-Part chat series on Adventure Travel, and we want to talk about cold weather adventures.

If you are unable to join us at 1PM EST, feel free to schedule your tweets according to the times below:



1:00 EST   Q1. What is the most adventurous place you’ve been, and what did you do there?
1:07 EST   Q2. Ice climbing, dog sledding, or back country skiing: choose one. Any awesome stories?
1:14 EST    Q3. Whats the best way to protect your camera gear during the harsh shooting conditions? (Question via @TaylorBurk3)
1:20 EST   Q4. Which winter adventure trip is at the top of your Bucket List?
1:28 EST   Q5. What are 3 things you always bring with you in cold weather?
1:36 EST   Q6. Who are your favorite cold weather adventurers to follow and why?
1:44 EST   Q7. What is one cold weather city or winter festival you have always dreamed of visiting?
1:52 EST   Q8. Whats your favorite cold weather story? Share the link if you’ve published it!