Norway is a landscape photographer’s paradise.

Its majestic fjords and towering peaks stretch across the country, attracting photographers year-round. Travelers from around the world flock to the Scandinavian nation hoping to capture its chilling beauty.

Those who get the opportunity relish it. Some never have the chance.

Christian Trustrup is one of the lucky few who get to call Norway home.

Born and raised in the small town of Levanger, Christian has spent his entire life soaking in the earthly wonder of his home country, which acts both as a natural playground and a backdrop for his photographic pursuits.

Though an explorer at heart, Christian rarely feels the urge to leave Norway. From the sprawling valley of Innerdalen to the stunning mountains of Romsdalen, he never runs out of new landscapes to shoot.

But he didn’t always have a camera in hand during his travels. After traveling to Lofoten armed with a GoPro last year, he realized the thrill of immortalizing the sceneries he was immersed in. After doing some research, he purchased a Nikon D800.


He felt more engaged with the environment around him when he started approaching his travels with the detail-oriented mindset of a photographer. Better yet, photography provided him with an excuse to continue exploring his country, to seek out new curious locales to frame with his lens.

With his new camera in tow, Christian embarked on Norwegian adventures he’d never dreamed of.

He captured the transcendent Innerdalstårnet, perched majestically atop a still lake. He marveled at the panoramic views at Trollstigen and Romsdalseggen.

He hiked through deep snow until his feet were raw in Trolltunga. It hurt, of course, but when rewarded with the jaw-dropping view over the rocky outcropping, the pain became a distant thought.

Though he’s traversed so much of the Nordic terrain, his journeys are far from over. This winter, he’ll set out for Lofoten and the island of Senja, pursuing a shot of the Northern Lights over the mountaintops. He’s seen them before in Levanger, and knows they’re truly special, but to see the curtains of light dancing up north would be an otherworldly experience.

Besides, in Norway, even the most common sights never grow old.

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