At this stage, we can only speculate about how travel may look after the novel Coronavirus recedes. But we will be traveling again, and some things about it will never changed — in fact, we’ll have to be more prepared than ever when stepping out the door. 

Let’s set the scene. 

You’ve been counting down the days, minutes and hours for your holiday and, at long last, the moment is finally here. Your bags are all packed ready to go, you’ve pre-booked the taxi, and are ready to jump into it after work without looking back. 

You get to the airport and go through security without a hitch. You jump on the plane, get comfortable, and settle down to read your book. However, when you look in your bag, you suddenly realize you’ve brought your work bag with you instead of the pre-packed you set aside for the holiday. Your iPod, phone charger, and holiday money were all in there, and you feel annoyed at yourself for your silly oversight. Your trip is off to a terrible start. 

Your Travel Planning Checklist

Going away on holiday can be an incredibly exciting time but can be quickly ruined by poor organization. Make sure the situation above doesn’t happen to you by using our helpful holiday checklist below. Ask yourself: have you definitely got your…


The last thing you want to leave behind before your holiday is your passport, and being so easy to forget lands it at the top of our travel planning checklist. Small though it might be, without it you won’t be able to enter whichever country you’re visiting. Even if you’re traveling within the same country, it’s still generally a good idea to have it with you in case of emergencies. 

…boarding pass? 

In a similar way to your passport, you won’t be able to board any flights or trains without your boarding pass. Whether you download this on your phone or print out a physical version, make sure you have one with you. The last thing you want to do is mess up your traveling plans at the last minute, with your getaway in touching distance. 


Getting somewhere is all well and good but, without any money to spend while you’re there, you may be left at a loss for things to do. Therefore, make sure you have your wallet with you before you set off. Also, tell your bank you’re going away, otherwise they could think someone else is using your card. 


What would a holiday be without photos? Whether you use a fancy camera or your phone, make sure you have your chargers with you to avoid running out of juice. Power banks are also a great thing to have while you’re out sightseeing, just in case you get stuck somewhere or need to contact someone.


Depending on where and when you are going away, it’s a good idea to ensure you’re vaccinated in advance. Certain areas of the world have a higher risk of mosquito-related diseases, typhoid, hepatitis and rabies, so its important to protect yourself against each of these issues, even as just a precaution. You may want to carry a thermometer and other sanitary supplies, in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic — a mask or bandana, disinfectant spray/wipes, and hand sanitizer. 

boarding pass on a phone

OK, I’ve got all that. Anything else?

Now you’ve got the essentials for your holiday, it’s time to think about how you should leave your house. Here are three key things to think about before heading off to the airport.

Switch off your heating.

There’s nothing worse than coming back from a lovely break away to be greeted by a huge heating bill. Set your thermostat to ‘away’ if possible, or just turn it off completely. If you have an oil tank heating system, check the oil levels before you leave to avoid any unwanted leaks.

Unplug your appliances. 

From hair straighteners to irons, any appliance you leave plugged in can pose a potential fire risk. Limit this risk by making sure they’re unplugged before you set off – simply switching them off at the wall isn’t enough. 

Tell your neighbor.

Just in case anything happens while you’re on holiday, it’s generally a good idea to tell your neighbor that you’re going away. Not only will they be able to keep an eye on your house while you’re off traveling, if you trust them enough, they could also pop around every now and then to keep its general running going. Whether it be feeding the cats or simply watering the plants, keeping the house in good check while you’re away can make the post-holiday blues a lot easier to handle when you get back.

Once you’ve done all that, you can now relax in the knowledge that your home will be well looked after while you’re off on your travels. 

Now with everything checked off your travel planning checklist, go and enjoy your holiday!