pptravelcuisine-passionpassport-travel-cuisine-kirstenalanaWednesday, April 9th 1:00 pm EST – Passion Passport TRAVEL CUISINE Twitter Chat

Food is one of the most important parts of any travel experience and we want you to share your favorite foodie stories and photographs with the Passion Passport community! We’re co-hosting a one-hour Travel Cuisine Twitter chat this Wednesday, April 9th with travel photographer, blogger, and foodie, Kirsten Alana! We’ll cover everyone’s favorite travel cuisines and how to find the best local food around, no matter what city you’re in! Share your favorite authentic eats, great local restaurant recommendations and the best/craziest food experience you’ve had while traveling.


#PassionPassport Questions:


Q1. 1:00pm What is your FAVORITE foodie travel destination? Why?


Q2. 1:10pm Where have you had the best local cuisine? What are some of your favorite foods from that cuisine?


Q3. 1:20pm What is your advice to someone who wants to eat like a local?


Q4. 1:30 pm Share with us a hidden foodie gem. How did you discover it?


Q5. 1:40pm What is the most interesting/surprising/craziest food you’ve eaten on your travels?


Q6. 1:50pm Show us your favorite foodie picture and describe the meal/location for us!