Whether in the initial planning stages of a trip, trying to find our way around a new city, or using a photo or video app to capture the travel experience, we all depend on travel apps in one form or another! This week’s Twitter chat will revolve around our favorite apps, where we see the app space going, and what we want to see in our apps. Passion Passport is thrilled to be co-hosting this week’s chat with Gogobot (@gogobot), Roadless (@roadlessco), and CreateTrips (@createtrips)! Join us at 1PM EST Wednesday for the chat by tagging your tweets with #passionpassport! 


Photo by Joey Ramirez (IG handle @roeyjamirez)

#Passionpassport questions:

1:00PM Q1- What three apps or websites are your favorite when in the initial planning/booking stage of a trip?

1:09PM Q2- When you arrive in a new city or country, what apps do you make sure you have downloaded?

1:18PM Q3- Describe a dream travel app; what capabilities does it have?

1:27PM Q4- During your trip what are your favorite apps to capture your experience?

1:36PM Q5- What frustrates you the most when using travel apps?

1:45PM Q6- What are you most likely to use an app for when traveling? planning/reviews/photos?

1:54PM Q7- Describe a time a travel app saved the day!