Florence is where Gabriele Colzi’s passion for photography began. When he was born, his grandfather photographed the moments of his childhood with a Canon camera. Then, on his 10th birthday, that Canon camera was his present.

Florence is where Gabriele learned to be a photographer. He tries to convey his vision of the world — a mixture of reality and fantasy. Utilizing birds, and clouds, and skies, Gabriele tries to convey the limitlessness he feels while walking the stone streets.

Florence is where Gabriele started to play with colors. He wants to improve reality. While other people see the world in shades of black and white and sepia, he wants to reveal the color.

Florence is the city of Gabriele’s memories. On every street, he finds the story of part of his life.

Florence is where Gabriele searches for sunrise and sunset. He seeks the moments when people walk slowly, the squares are empty, and there is a tangible sense of peace and freedom.

Florence is where Gabriele finds home. He says every person finds their own key to open the door of that home. He says that Florence can feel like a hug, that you don’t feel like a tourist, but instead, you feel like part of Florence itself.

Florence is the city Gabriele loves to photograph most. He sees beauty in the details, the emotion of the city, that others miss.

Florence is where art and architecture and food and history and beauty collide.

Florence is poetry.

Florence is magic.

Gabriele Colzi is a Florence based digital director and traveler specializes in visual storytelling and creative photography. Born in June 1994, he founded @gabdetails, a place where he can display his love for travel and writing.